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The Kind I’m Likely To Get

Ken Foster published by William Morrow A collection of short stories linked by a narrator who looks at the world from slightly off to the side. “Darkly comic and dead accurate..hitting the bull’s eye from increasingly odd angles and greater and greater distances.” Michael Cunningham, author of The Hours “Everything I know about living I […]

Invisible Monsters

Chuck Palahniuk published by Norton A story of identity and re-invention of the self, the third novel published by this American cult writer, this novel was written before Fight Club . Invisible Mosters takes readers on a wild ride through the medicine cabinets of wealthy homes, the intimate details of sex change operations, and the […]


Jennifer Lauck published by Pocket Books A memoir of a childhood particular to the family story of seventies America. “…one girl’s complicated and almost unbelievable childhood, reclaimed in profound triumph.” Kirkus Reviews “At the table with Tom Spanbauer and Dangerous Writers, I am two things. Afraid and in awe. Great teaching and greater learning happens […]

Little Miss Strange

Joanna Rose published by Scribner Family life in the counterculture of the sixties, revealed through the eyes of a child. “A gloriously descriptive novel, packed with colorful details of the dream the era of ‘free love’ left behind.” Redbook “Tom Spanbauer and Dangerous Writing led me into the story I wanted to write, and showed […]

In The City Of Shy Hunters

Tom Spanbauer published by Grove Press The long-awaited follow-up to Tom Spanbauer’s enchanting The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon , In The City Of Shy Hunters is a novel ten years in the making, praised as “utterly fresh” a haunting and undeniably powerful work by Kirkus Reviews . Set against the urban […]

Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk published by: Norton Description The first novel by a writer who has become a cult figure, Fight Club gets deep inside the world of a rage-filled young Everyman. Made into a film with Brad Pitt and Ed Norton.

The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon

Tom Spanbauer published by Grove Press The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon is an American epic of the old West for our own times — a novel huge in its imaginative scope and daring in its themes.The narrator is Shed, or Duivichi-un-Dua, a half-breed bisexual boy who makes his living at the […]