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DW Authors

Tom Spanbauer The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon , In The City Of Shy Hunters

Joanna Rose Little Miss Strange

Kate Gray Where She Goes

Published Dangerous Writing Alumni

The following Dangerous Writing Alumni have published novels, short story collections, or memoirs:

Ken Foster The Kind I’m Likely To Get

Gregg Kleiner Where The River Turns To Sky

Rodger Larsen What I Know Now

Jennifer Lauck Blackbird , Still Waters , Show Me The Way

Mitch Luckett To Kill A Common Loon

Chuck Palahniuk Fight Club , Survivor, Invisible Monsters , Choke , Lullaby

Amy Schutzer Undertow

Many Dangerous Writers have published short stories and essays in small press journals:

Jason Alberts, Stevan Allred, Carolyn Altman, Steve Arndt, Claudia Baskind, Sheri Blue, Tiffany Lee Brown, Martha Clarkson, Monica Drake, Ken Foster, Devin Joseph, Laura Hardman Stanfill, Christy Krug, Erin Leonard, Ellen Michaelson, Candace Mulligan, Gail Oberst, Chuck Palahniuk, Joanna Rose, Liz Scott, Brian Tibbets, Suzy Vitello, and Yuvi Zalkow.