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Essay on “Life is Short. Why Do You Want to Spend 5 or 6 Years at a Particular University or College?”

It is definite that the gift of life is of most importance, and undoubtedly time passes quickly so that not all the dreams, desires, and goals of a person can be fulfilled during one lifetime. This is the major argument stated to support the opinion that a person should not spend his/her time studying and use it for entertainment and endless partying.

Life is Short

On the other hand, no one seems to disagree that studying in a particular university or college provides individuals with qualifications of a more promising and secure professional future, of higher standards of living, and better prospects for their family’s future generations. Additionally, and apart from an improved lifestyle and extended skilled possibilities, the knowledge and expertise, acquired during the college or university studies, certainly enable the person to become properly and smoothly integrated into the society. The demands of a variety of research, the theoretical courses, the exams, the team working, and the deadlines lead to the advance of qualities such as resilience, responsibility, determination, and self-confidence, virtues not negligible to face life’s difficulties in a successful manner. The mind’s horizons are expanded, shaping more complete adults with improved abilities in order to productively interact with their fellows. Finally, most often students manage to combine their studies with time of leisure and usually obtain unforgettable memories during their college years.

Thus, when one considers both conflicting arguments above, it becomes apparent that “sacrificing” five or six years of studying in a university or a college is not a waste of time. It is more of an investment to one’s future, and when it is combined with hours of relaxation and fun, it will prove to be one of the best life experiences.