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Essay on “Describe Your Most Rewarding Experience”

My most rewarding experience so far was a week that I spent among the mountains at Chakrata, some ninety kilometers from Dehradun, India. I was there for a training program organized by my employers. There were thirty of us, perched in a camp at around two thousand meters above the sea level, on the brink of a gigantic canyon called the Virat Khai, which translates in English as the Grand Canyon. During one week, we participated in several activities designed to develop teamwork and trust. We also went rappelling and rock climbing, and rafted in the river Yamuna. All this was highly enjoyable and enriching, but what proved to be the most eye-opening, even epiphanic, experience for me was standing at the canyon’s edge in the evenings, looking out at the surrounding mountains, and realizing just how small and insignificant I was.

It was a truly humbling sight. There I was, six-foot-tall and brimming with confidence and bravado, suddenly confronted by ancient Himalayan behemoths covered with thousands of acres of lush, dense forest. I found myself emptying of every grand notion I had nurtured, of every happy estimate of what I had achieved. I felt like a splash of paint before this vast tapestry of nature: negligible, nearly invisible. I knew then that I had so much left to do, so many dreams yet to fulfill, such a long journey yet to take, at the end of which I would still have nothing compared to the sheer magnitude and power of these inanimate beings. Perhaps this was my destiny: to keep walking, keep trying to get better, till one day I would die, and be one with the Earth that is mother to all of us.