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Essay on “Should Victims Of Crimes Be Compensated?”

An act of a grave offense and violation against the law and morality, crimes may vary with what and how the subjected doer did the assault. Each crime deserves every single inch of justice depending on the subsequent damages. The guilty, being the one responsible for the said offense, is therefore made liable for all the possible legal processes and obligations that he may undergo.

People usually think that severe and painful punishments to criminals are enough to discourage other individuals from doing the same. However, having serious punishments such as a lifetime imprisonment for murder do not contribute much in reducing a great percentage of the latter’s occurrence. In fact, these obligations are not even enough to suffice the moral and emotion obligations of the offender to the aggrieved party.

If not all, most crimes have equivalent fines or monetary penalties stated on the penal code. These fines basically depend on the degree or type of crime committed together with the resulting damages. Also the offender had already met up all the legal demands of the case as constituted by the law, he/she remains to be responsible for all the damages he had caused to the victim. Just as he submitted to the penalty, he must also meet all his financial and moral obligations to the victim. Every victim must have undergone extreme trauma upon the occurrence of the crime. Therefore, he/she deserves comfort after everything that has happened together with the assurance that all the damages will covered by a refund.

Victims of crimes should be compensated. After all that they have gone through, they must have the chance to live their lives at peace once again. It may be true that emotional, physical and psychological damages can never be healed or forgotten, yet this monetary support may give the affected party at least a little hope to face the succeeding chapters of his/her life.